Chris Solano
Elvis - Buddy Holly
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Within only a matter of years, Chris has created a reputation that has quickly propelled him to be amongst the top entertainers in the tribute artist scene. It all began for Chris when he entered The People's Choice Award Contest at the 2001, Michigan ElvisFest and took first place. Since then, he has become a local favorite at the Michigan ElvisFest, held annually in Ypsilanti. Chris can also be seen in local parades and performing his tribute show at festivals, private parties, and special events throughout the year. Chris' wonderful vocal talent as a young Elvis balladeer and rocker has earned him admiration and praise from fans and peers alike. As a tribute artist, he has performed with Elvis' original backup singers-the legendary Jordanaires, Elvis' drummer-D.J. Fontana, and shared the stage with other friends and co-stars from Elvis' movies. Although a resident of Michigan, he has performed at several venues in Canada, and has even performed in Las Vegas. With a determination to be the best he can be, Chris is always looking for new ways in which to provide fans with the excitement and thrill of the music and the man he pays tribute to. "In addition to [his] heartfelt tribute to Elvis Presley I was pleased to see through [his] performances that [he] could very easily take [his] talents and abilities in many directions in establishing [his] own presence in the music business. [He has] a very natural vocal ability and a comfortable stage presence." -Jamie Coyne, Producer of Elvis Extravaganza.


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