Joe Tackett
Johnny Rivers - John Denver
joe tackett as johnny rivers, empire entertainment, legends live joe tackett as john denver, empire entertainment, legends live
Joe Tackett began singing and playing guitar publicly at the age of nine, and was playing with his rock band at High School dances, while still in Junior High. When he was old enough, he began playing at Detroit Night Clubs for a few years, followed by several years of touring with a top-notch, Detroit-based, Fifties Show Band known as “Rock’s Gang”. Rock’s Gang performed at national car shows, State Fairs and major nightclubs all over the U.S. and Canada. Joe was later offered the role of “Paul McCartney” in the first Beatle-Mania production, but, unlike his buddy Marshall Crenshaw, turned it down because he reasoned that no one would want to see a Broadway Play about The Beatles (Ouch!!).

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