Jim Walters
Bobby Vinton
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One of Jim’s strongest musical influences during his early years was that of the multi-talented Bobby Vinton. His velvety, charismatic, balladeer vocal quality deeply influenced Jim’s musical taste and talent. After playing trumpet for several years in a large band and a nine piece ‘Dixieland’ style band, Jim moved on to gospel music. He performed with several large gospel groups prior to moving to Michigan in 1999. Never losing the desire to perform songs that create ‘warmth’ with their lyrics and melody Jim began singing songs that came from the likes of Gene Pitney, Roy Clark, John Denver and Bobby Vinton. He began performing some of the memorable songs from these legends in local clubs and participating in benefit concerts. It was at one of these concerts that Jim’s true vocal impersonation of Bobby Vinton was noticed by several of the other entertainers. He was invited to perform his tribute to the masterful Vinton and he has been sweeping his audiences of their feet ever since. Jim’s tribute includes some of Bobby Vinton’s greatest hits including Mr. Lonely, Blue Velvet, Roses are Red, My Melody of Love and many others that will leave you wanting more of the mesmerizing love songs that have touched our lives again and again.

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