The Shades of Blue

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In the Spring of 1966, a suburban Detroit vocal quartet called The Shades Of Blue, skyrocketed to the top of charts with their "Blue-Eyed Soul" smash,"oh How Happy". Thirty years later, that song remains a well-known "Oldies" favorite, yet the background of the group itself has remained a "shady" mystery. That is, until now. Originating from Livonia, Michigan, The Shades Of Blue were:, Nivk Marinelli (lead vocals), Ernie Dernai (first tenor), Linda Allen (second tenor), and Bob Kerr (baritone). Accomplishments : International Motown Recording Artists known for their #1 blockbuster hit back in 1966, “Oh How Happy.” Performed on The Dick Clark Tour in 1966. Opened for The Beatles at Shea Stadium in New York City (1966).

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